Abigail Tinnion

A Far Eyrie
2022 - Ongoing

Throughout history stories have been told of ‘others’ with the ability to change into something wild and inhuman; people who lurk outside of the village, or infiltrate amongst the folk. When told from this perspective, we find tales of alienation and persecution. However, when such stories are told from the perspective of ‘the other’ we find something else; transgression, autonomy, and power from conflating oneself as both human and beast.

A Far Eyrie traces the interconnected migratory legends of shapeshifters and imposters. In such stories transgression is physical - growing teeth, claws, hair and feathers. To go beyond the boundaries of the civilised, whether psychic or physically, is to enter the realm of the inhuman. To wander beyond the walls of the city is to wander in a dangerously liminal space between this world and the other.